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The best beach on Krk

Thursday morning 8 o'clock                          – 60 KN (With your bike)

                                                                            - 100 KN (With our bike)

                                                                            - 150 KN (with electric bike)

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Some 15 km from the city of Krk, on the west part of the island lies one of the most beautiful beaches on Krk. It's off the beaten tracks and outside the touristic circut, on a little inhabited part of island.

Is it really the best on Krk is a matter of preference and personal choice, but it has what it takes to make it special. West part of Krk is known for it's clean and clear water and the only road to the beach has no concrete on the end so it's necessary to walk last 500 meters.

Best beach on Krk is more active tour but offers a great choice for those willing to explore the rest of island Krk with group cycling.

Find on bike what you can't find on map, discover the beach with us!  

Bike rent for the whole day + tour – 150 kn

Best beach on Krk, Cyclotours Krk, rent a bike Krk


Best beach on Krk, rent a bike Krk, Cyclotours Krk


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