Wednesday morning in 9 o'clock (Sunday on request)


Very easy tour, suitable for children. There's a cycling path on the way to Punat.
Boat taxi takes us on the island of Košljun on a one hour tour, visit to Franciscan Monastery with historical museum, ethno museum, churches and green areas.    

After Košljun, tour leads us around Punat and back. Return is at 12 o'clock.    


Authorised tour guide on island.

Dress code on Košljun: Shoulders and knees have to be covered.

Island Košljun in Punat bay (fotografija: Arhiva TZ Punat)

 PRICE: 50 kn with your own bike

            80 kn with our bike 

EXTRA: Entrance fee: 20KN, Boat Taxi: 20KN



Bike rent for the whole day + tour – 150 kn,

Electric bike for the whole day + tour – 180 kn                     

Children bike for the whole day + tour - 80 kn.