The most amazing bike view of all times

It's a very easy tour suitable for less fit cyclists. We'll reach the highest point of Istria with bike trailer and taxi van. The descent is, of course on two wheels.

The bike trailer                                                                                                

Up on 1406 meters of Učka Natural park, in all it's glory, you can admire most spectacular views of the North Adriatic archipelago and Istria. Breathe in some fresh mountain air and slide back through local roads.

Guided tour offers great photographic moments and includes a visit to the medieval village of Veprinac where we stop for a short break and sightseeing. The road takes us all the way down to Opatija city center.

Warmer clothes obligatory out of hot season, gloves are highly recommended. The full visibility from Učka is possible only during the bright, non cloudy days.

Distance 30 km, duration 4 hours, very easy tour

Arhiva PP Učka Foto: Arhiva Parka prirode Učka


Price: 220 kn with our bike,

           180 kn with your bike

Helmet 10 kn




Boris Cvetković

More info: www.cyclotourskrk.com


Phone:  +385 (0)99 6720 424

Cycling to Opatija


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